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Vanderlyn Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


Vanderlyn STEM Curriculum

  • Every pupil (K-5) is exposed to and engages in STEM at Vanderlyn through a STEM Lab rotation.
  • Math Exemplars are also used by math teachers to supplement STEM Curriculum.
  • Vanderlyn Elementary School utilizes a combination of AIMS (Activities Integrating Math & Science) curricula through Extended Learning Time.
  • The tasks are grade-level appropriate and align with CCGPS science/ math standards.  

What is a STEM school?

A “STEM School” can mean several things. The letters in STEM stand for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Vanderlyn Elementary's STEM initiative means an approach to education in which:

Technological Literacy as defined by nationally recognized standards is a goal for all students.

Hands-on experience with practical applications of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering design is used to establish the real-world relevance and inter-relationships of all curriculum subjects.