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Vanderlyn Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Georgia Milestones Resources

Georgia Milestones Resources

Study Guides and Online Resources


  • Parent’s Guide to EOG Student Report – a detailed guide designed to help parents better understand the Milestones score report and the student’s achievement.
  • Georgia Milestones Parent Q&A Brochure – providing a brief question and answer flyer to address common questions related to the Georgia Milestones.
  • Lexile Framework for Reading – a definition of the Lexile Framework for Reading and how the score can be used by parents to help students chose books that match the reader with reading material that is at an appropriate level of difficulty.
  • Understanding the Milestones Achievement Levels – a more detailed description of the four achievement levels: Beginning Learners, Developing Learners, Proficient Learners and Distinguished Learners.