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Parent Power Hour - December 8, 2017
Session Title: Struggling Readers: How to Help and Encourage Literacy at Home 

Target Audience: Parents of students who receive EIP support or any parents interested in increasing reading achievement.

Parents often want to know how to help encourage literacy at home. This engaging workshop will provide parents with an understanding of what our EIP (Early Intervention Program) looks like and its direct effect on the academic performance of their students. Based on research-validated instructional strategies, parents will also receive a solid foundation of knowledge and tools needed to support reading instruction at home. The central goal of this workshop is for parents to understand that by engaging in the reading process with your child and bringing a "workshop-like" environment into your home, you will extend learning and literacy development, ultimately leading to the development of lifelong readers.

When: December 8, 2017
Time: 9:00 a.m-10:00 a.m.
Where: Media Center
Registration: Please follow the link below to let us know you are coming!